Regain Peace and Serenity

While Surrounded

by the Chaos and Drama of Addiction

Achieve a New Outlook on Life with 

Less Stress and More Happiness 

Learn how to become more calm, informed and hopeful.  Uncover the secrets to keeping your heart intact while loving an addict.

Denise Krochta, Supports Those Who Love Addicts (drug addicts, alcoholics, compulsive gamblers, sex addicts, food addicts, internet addicts)

Showing Them How to Keep Their Heart Intact While Loving an Addict.

√ Do you feel you may be addicted to an addict in your life?

√ Do you know the fear or frustration that loving an addict can cause?

√ Do you have anxiety or depression over loving an addict?

Please help Denise continue her support for Loved Ones of Addicts through her radio show, Denise’s writings and speaking, and resources.

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Denise Krochta is the host of Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101, a weekly radio show that supports loved ones of addicts across the globe.  She knows how it feels first hand having addicts and alcoholics around her most of her adult life.  Denise moved into crisis mode when she discovered that her teenage son was addicted to prescription drugs along with alcohol and street drugs. Her personal story is one of discovery and recovery.

From her own experience and from her passion to support others cope and become stronger, she became one of the world’s top addicts family life coaches.  Discover how Denise can help to support and transform your own life.

“Many people talk about having to take care of themselves when in crisis. Yet Denise offers tools and a plan how to actually make this happen. One can almost feel the serenity and peace that she has achieved through her experience, that she now shares with those who need this direction.

- Kathy P.

“Denise has left me with a feeling of hope and renewed energy. For several years I was consumed by sadness due to the presence of an overwhelming addiction issue in my family. But not any more! Denise gives practical suggestions on how to move forward with a sense of self care and grace. Get on with your life. You are so worth it!”

- Gina G.

Learn the life-changing experiences that Denise can share with you to help you transform your life too.  Contact us today to start your own healing process. Begin to feel relief NOW!

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