Do You Love an Addict?

Here’s where you will


End the Chaos…

Have Peace and Serenity Now!

You CAN End the Family Destructiveness

  • Do you have an addiction for the addict in your life?

  • Is there frustration at having tried everything and still feeling lost, exhausted and disappointed?

  • Are you feeling the fear around loving an addict?

  • Is it possible to keep your heart in tact while loving an addict?

  • Are you ready for real support from someone who has been there and helped thousands?

Things you can do for the Addict

Things you can do for your own new outlook

on life to have happiness, less stress and joy.


Learn how to become more calm, informed, happy and hopeful. Denise will help you uncover the secrets to keeping your heart intact while loving an addict.


Denise Krochta is the foremost authority on helping people who love addicts and want out of the drama and real life solutions. Whether drug addicts, alcoholics, compulsive gamblers, sex addicts, food addicts, internet addicts Denise has a knack for getting you to a real solution.

If you’re ready now then download your book today with the most cutting edge solutions for a happier, healthier and more calm life.

Please help Denise continue her support for Loved Ones of Addicts through her radio show, Denise’s writings and speaking, and resources.


Contact Denise
Phone: (442) 333 – 9236


“Many people talk about having to take care of themselves when in crisis. Yet Denise offers tools and a plan how to actually make this happen. One can almost feel the serenity and peace that she has achieved through her experience, that she now shares with those who need this direction.”

– Kathy P.

“Denise has left me with a feeling of hope and renewed energy. For several years I was consumed by sadness due to the presence of an overwhelming addiction issue in my family. But not any more! Denise gives practical suggestions on how to move forward with a sense of self care and grace. Get on with your life. You are so worth it!”

– Gina G.

Learn the life-changing experiences that Denise can share with you to help you transform your life too. Contact us today to start your own healing process. Begin to feel relief NOW!


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